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Ng Lung-Wai (b. 1971) graduated with a master degree in architecture from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. For more than 10 years, he had been collaborating with museums, exhibition centers and governmental departments for a wide range of exhibition projects. These organizations include Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense, Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Film Archive and The Heritage of Mei Ho House, Home Affairs Department, Architectural Services Department, Planning Department, and other governmental Units.


Through the years of experience in a spectrum of exhibitions for museums, and the aesthetics and values he absorbed from architecture, Ng had developed diverse approaches and his unique style in art. With a strong focus on uncompromising aesthetics and essential values in art, Ng approaches the discipline of painting with a twist, using unconventional elements such as oil scribbles, pyrography and a mix of modern and vintage materials as well as the incorporation of up-cycled antiques.


During the last decade, Ng received accolades on multi-disciplinary design contests both internationally and locally. These include merit awards on COCF ‘A Door to Paradise’ (Italy, 2005), on DesignBoom ‘Green Earth’ (International, 2008) and ‘Reinvent Infrastructure’ (International, 2009), on Ithaca ‘Ten images for Ithaca’ (Greece, 2008 & 2009), on Incheon ‘Green Life’ (South Korea, 2009), on Alessi ‘Aperitivo’ (Italy, 2009), Seoul Design Olympiad (South Korea, 2008 & 2010) and Hong Kong Technology Park ‘Gift’ architectural design (Hong Kong, 2013)


His solo art exhibitions ‘1960s’ World Celebrity Portraits’ in 2015 and ‘Out ofDream’ in 2016 were successfully concluded with thousands of local and overseas visitors sharing his works and passion; the art shows were widely covered by media like TVB, Gafencu TV, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, China Daily, Metro Daily, magazines and other media.