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1960s' World Celebrity Portraits

Ng Lung Wai: "1960s' World Celebrity Portraits" at Comix Home Base, Wanchai, Hong Kong from March 21 to March 27, 2015

Ng cordially shares his portraiture works of 1960s' World Celebrities. He makes his works with his own collection of vintage items. He uses more than 12,000 1960s' authentic European stickpin badges to form a Chairman Mao's portrait, thousands of stamps for John Lennon, and burned thousands of wooden clothespins for Che Guevara. One of the large artworks with 6,000 metal Monroe mosaic to create Elvis Presley.

Up-close and afar

The best distance for viewing some of the artworks would be 10 to 20 metres to enjoy the whole picture; an up-close look reveals detailing of the artwork components.


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